Will Bassett

Will is the Pastor of Ridgeway Community Church Didcot, he loves being husband to Sarah and dad to Grace.

Prior to Ridgeway, he pastored in South Africa and was a regular visiting preacher in churches across the UK.

He trained at Moorlands Bible College and recently completed his Masters in Theology at Union School of Theology, South Wales.

He’s wholeheartedly committed to the pursuit of Ridgeway being an Acts 2:42 and Rev 7:9-12 church, with Acts 2:43-47 results.

He’s a passionate Welshman, sports fan, gym-goer, movie watcher, book reader and big food lover!

Sarah had a long career in Media and primarily BBC News as a reporter and journalist. She now works as the Media Lead for European Mission Fellowship, heads up the media and events at Ridgeway, and leads the Ridgeway Women’s ministry, plus so much more!