A study through the Gospels reveal the tender care of Christ for his disciples and for others in need of help and support. Jesus demonstrated this care even in times that seemed inconvenient (Mark 5:21-24); and after his resurrection, he instructed Peter to exemplify the same care for the church (John 21:15-17, with emphasis on 16).

At Ridgeway, our desire is to be Christ-like, so while we share God’s word, we also seek to demonstrate his love and care for one another.

Pastoral Care Team

As a growing church, we recognise the need to build a team that shares this responsibility. The team members are Jacqui Brown and Chris Wyatt who are the core pastoral care team aside the Didcot eldership.

Receiving Pastoral Care

Although pastoral care is a key responsibility of pastors and elders, we also acknowledge that it is the shared responsibility of all believers as priests in Christ. As a church, there are various ways of receiving pastoral care.

• Contact members of the pastoral care team at care@ridgewaycommunity.church (Jacqui Brown and Chris Wyatt).
• Speak to an elder (David Locke, Lawrence Owusu and Chris Wyatt)
• Share with the prayer ministry team on Sunday.
• If comfortable, share with your life group for support and prayer