The Big Issue “The Bible, Sex and the 21st Century”

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  • Tuesday | 5th December 2023
  • All Day


Last week I preached a sermon at Ridgeway, Wallingford where we looked at Joseph’s ‘Very Tempting Temptation’. I had been planning to tackle ‘a Christian response to Homosexuality’ one Sunday evening. However, in light of feedback, would now like to broaden the subject to ‘The Bible, Sex and the 21st Century’. My hope is to openly and honestly discuss issues that face us as Christians as we seek to live righteously and relevantly in a fallen world. I am asking then, if you have any questions you would like to be addressed to email me or pass them on anonymous through one of the elders at Didcot  in order that we can together seek to hear what God has to say together!

The Big Issue: ‘The Bible, Sex and the 21st Century’. Sun 16th June 7.00 pm



Gareth Lloyd-Jones (Senior Pastor)

Ridgeway Community Church, 20b & 22 St. Mary’s St, Wallingford, Oxon, OX100EN

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