Sunday Home Meeting

Event details

  • Sunday | 2nd June 2019
  • 10:30 am

As you may already know, the Civic Hall is booked this Sunday, so the plan is to meet in various homes in Didcot. If you would prefer to worship in a congregational setting, please do feel free to visit the church in Wallingford. I would however encourage you all, especially those who aren’t part of a life group to use this opportunity to explore fellowshipping in small groups.

Also, if you feel the location assigned to you isn’t convenient, and you would rather visit elsewhere, please message both hosts and inform them of your decision. If I have missed your name on the list, then it is either a mistake or it is because you have said you aren’t in town. If you are interest in meeting somewhere and your name isn’t on the list, then please contact any of the hosts and inform them you will be coming.