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Last Sunday, we had a great service as we remembered the birth of the church and the out pouring of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) 2000 years ago. In Acts chapter 2, we see how the day was marked with signs of wind, fire, tongues, rejoicing, salvation, as well as a recollection of a prophetic word.

As we worshipped on Sunday, the Lord gave us a prophetic word by a lady. She explained that she saw a wrapped present that represented the answer to someone’s prayer. She saw this present delivered to Faith Street, but the intended recipient was at the wrong location. She was also given a scripture to go with the message: Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding”.

It’s a message of assurance and hope that God has not forgotten about us. He is not oblivious to our daily struggles and challenges; on the contrary, He hears our prayers and delights to answer us. However, as the message indicated, there are times the answer to our prayers is delivered to Faith Street, while we are probably wondering around on Doubt and Anger Street. We see this over and over again in Jesus’s ministry, where he told several people he healed that, “Your faith has made you well”. Although we don’t fully understand why an all-powerful God requires us to sometimes have faith before acting, it is clear that our faith is essential in our Christian walk. James reiterates this by saying, “…for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord;” (James 1:6-7). The question therefore is; how do we receive by Faith? Or, how can we find our way back to Faith Street?

Faith is not the same as wishful thinking or positive thinking, although faith may lead us to optimism and a sense of hope. Our faith is the trust and confidence we have in God that defines the way we live and what we do. Faith is always active, and not passive. What you believe will determine what you do, and the steps you take.

Receiving by faith starts with trusting in your loving Father, knowing that the plans He has for you are good, and that He delights to work things out for your good. The second is to thank Him for this truth and then take the necessary steps towards your desired end. Example: As a church, we know that the Civic Hall had rejected other past enquiries to use the building for Sunday worship. Our faith was to pursue this in spite of what had happened in the past. On Faith Street, God had provided the Civic Hall, but if we had doubted the outcome based on their previous actions, we would most likely be in the school.

Today, if you feel your faith has been deflated from past experiences, start your journey back to Faith Street. Pray about things, read some encouraging scripture with promises and act in faith as you trust in the Lord.

Be encouraged.

Chris Eke