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The journey of life is filled with moments of beauty, laughter and fun. It has unforgettable experiences we will treasure for a life time; such as the moment a mother holds her baby in her arms for the first time, and the moment you realised that the one you love feels the same way about you (etc.). These are some of the joys of life, but as we are well aware, life also has its challenges. In the book of Job, the writer puts it this way, “Man who is born of a woman is few of days and [his life is] full of trouble” (Job 14:1). Sometimes it feels like we have more troubles than joy, or that the few troubles we experience in life outweigh the joy. In your journey, you may experience that you have just leaped over one hurdle and there seems to be another without much breathing space. In other seasons, you are barely on your feet and right in front of you is an even higher hurdle. How do you overcome this?

As a Christian, the answer is often simple and familiar: Have faith, Pray and Face that hurdle.

Have Faith: Our confidence to overcome is rooted in our faith in a loving God. The same God that saw us through by His grace yesterday, is the same God who will give us the strength to overcome today’s hurdle. He is the one who upholds us by His grace.

Pray: Prayer is not only about asking from God. It is actually entering into His presence where we are transformed and renewed. In prayer, we are given the strength from above to overcome our hurdles.

Face the hurdle: Ideally, we would all prefer that after we pray, God takes away the hurdle. But in reality, we know that some hurdles will not be taken away and can only be overcome. This is where our faith is put into action. This is where we discipline ourselves, learn from past mistakes and do our upmost best to face what is ahead. This is when we overlook our inadequacies and leap by faith. This is where testimonies are made and God is glorified.

What hurdle has 2017 brought your way? Have Faith, Pray and Face it in Jesus Name. Your victory is assured in Christ Jesus.



Chris Eke