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There is a proverb that says, “Cut your coat according to your cloth [or size]”. This proverb means, one must always undertake what they can manage or afford to do and no more. It could also mean, one must be realistic in what they can achieve or attain, considering factors such as their ability, knowledge, reputation, wealth (etc.). Being realistic and content in this context is something that our generation may need to learn more about; however, this idea need not mean that one must constantly look down on themselves because of their apparent inadequacies. In his time of weakness, when David was asked to marry Saul’s daughter, David looked at his present state and said, “Does it seem to you a little thing to become the king’s son-in-law, SINCE I AM A POOR MAN AND HAVE NO REPUTATION?” (1 Samuel 18:23). Although this was his physical state and present reality, the actual truth was that David was anointed king of Israel and this should have encouraged him that he was worthy of marrying the king’s daughter. Sometimes in spite of God’s truth and promises that should change our perception, we unfortunately yield to our physical or present reality.

On the other hand, the God reality by faith is one that isn’t determined or limited by our circumstances. Our Faith in God’s truth provides a doorway and an opportunity for us to step into the reality of a son (a child of God). In that place, boldness is made available for the shy and timid. Through this faith the homeless addict is made a great evangelist to the nations. In faith, the God reality can be attained for the present in spite of our circumstances.

Yes! There is a time and a season for everything in life; but I would encourage you to hold on to God’s truth concerning your life. I would encourage you to be inspired by God’s truth regardless of what reality looks like. I would also encourage you to strive towards making the God reality your reality. What prophecy have you received? Hold on to it. What gifts have you been entrusted with? Start using it to the glory of God; and very soon, you will be living in God’s truth.


Chris Eke