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Weekly newsletter – 3 July 2013

Like a child:
Mark 10 verse 15: “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

Picture : A proud daddy (Clement) and new daughter (Tiffany) after the dedication service on Sunday 30 June
Picture : A proud daddy (Clement) and new daughter (Tiffany) after the dedication service on Sunday 30 June

Sometimes we can wrap up our lives in too much complexity. The above verses remind us that sometimes we need to do a “spiritual detox” and get back to first principles…. Jesus offers us love as a gift that costs us nothing but cost Him everything. Receiving this gift from Him we see lives transformed in ways we scarce dreamt about and new hope is breathed into our hearts. When I see the smiles and love around at church on Sunday I know that I am seeing Jesus at work and that the kingdom of God is there for those who receive it.

It is also true that not everything goes right and a number of Christians are carrying around hurts, sorrows and pain whether through physical discomfort, relationship problems or tiredness with life. If this is you today I urge you again to come to the Lord as His child and say “Heavenly Father, please tend to my hurts and restore me through your living waters, I cry out to as a child to my Heavenly Father. Hear my prayer in the name of Jesus, AMEN”. If you would like someone to visit and pray with you please talk to one of the Elders – it is our great privilege to serve and pray with you.

Praise God for his abundant blessings to us!

Dear heavenly father, thank you for the Okyere family and the joy we shared as they dedicated their new daughter to you. As we see the joy of young parents and young children we pray that we would receive the kingdom of God as little children. Thank you for the incredible gift that was won by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. AMEN

God bless and much love from
Pastor David