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Weekly newsletter – 14 March 2013

Avoiding the roadworks:
Earlier this week I had to drive down to Chichester from Didcot. As I drove South conditions got worse until it was like a scene from Bing Crosby and “A White Christmas”. The following day I had to drive to Birmingham from Chichester and quite a scene greeted my eyes with cars left deserted at the side of the road. I popped on the SatNav and it bleeped for a bit and then said “Delays on normal quickest route..would you like to save 2 hours and take the alternative route”. Absolutely right! The SatNav worked it’s stuff and I got to Birmingham in good time listening to traffic reports on the radio about the four hour delay on the motorway I could have been on.

Picture of a snowy Chichester (12 March 2013)
Snowy Chichester (12 March 2013)

It’s a great invention SatNav. Then it occurred to me, we place our daily drive into a SatNav system but sometimes we are too stubborn/foolish to trust in the one thing that ca help us through the Journey of Life. God has provided us with the Word of God, the Bible, which is of infinitely more power and can guide us through the biggest journey we will ever travel!

In Psalm 32 the Lord says ” I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”

Feeling a bit lost this week and seeking some direction – open the Bible up… it will take you safely home.

God bless and love from